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Construction of Ground Water System

Installation of Ground water system and of its Building, i.e. water tower, included installing water’s quality improvement system to meet the drinking water standard of World Health Organization. This project belongs to Department of Groundwater Resources to support water supply to villager, schools, and agriculturist in whole country.

Decreasing Water Loss Management

Decreasing water loss management in pipeline system because of leaky pipeline which some water leakage since is able to be obviously seen on the ground or roads, and some water leakage cannot be seen because it percolates in deep underground, entire pipeline systems are underground and in large area, thus decreasing water loss management has been executed which have the processes as follows:

  1. Design DMA (DISDRICT METERING AREA) means design to specify and divide into smaller area for easy caution and simply pipeline leakage survey.
  2. Pipeline leakage survey by special equipment / instrument
  3. Pipeline leakage repair
  4. Replacing new pipeline or improvement
  5. Changing and cleaning water meter
  6. Making GIS mapping
  7. Analyzing quantity and water pressure by Hydraulic simulation

Pipeline Leakage Survey

Pipeline leakage survey is one method of decreasing water loss management, pipeline leakage survey by special equipment / instrument with professional inspectors, when they find leaky pipeline, they will give notice to Authority Service in such area to check and repair such leaky pipeline.

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