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Pipeline Leakage Survey Project

Pipeline Leakage Survey, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

Water loss along water supply system is loss of benefit and most of the water loss is caused by underground pipe leakage. Some significant reasons of pipe leakage are show below.

  1. High water pressure in pipeline
  2. Soil subsidence
  3. Pipeline corrosion caused by acidity of soil
  4. Vibration from traffic or overload truck
  5. Life cycle of equipment and pipe

Therefore, finding the leakage in the supply system is very significant and challenging solution to control the water loss. However, these surveys require equipment and capable skill of expert.

Hydro Engineering Group has worked and experiences for more than 20 years upon leakage survey for Metropolitan Waterworks Authority in many area such as Praya Thai, Bangken, Bangkok Noi, Suksawat and Mahasawat.

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