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Company's History

Our group has commenced our business by being a distributor of equipment and instruments for Water Supply, such as Water measuring instrument, Water gauge, Water pressure control equipment, and Water pipe’s door to sell to Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA), including construction of ground water system with Department of Groundwater Resources on behalf of Hydro Hitech Co., Ltd. which established on 27 February, 1989 with authorized capital 1,000,000 Baht.


Afterwards Hydro Engineering Co., Ltd. (“Company”) has been established on 28 December, 1993 by Ms. Chinda Hongkajorn and Euasermpong family with authorized capital 1,000,000 Baht with objective to distribute large feed pump and water system equipment. The company has commenced the work regarding leaky pipe exploration in water pipe system belonging to Provincial Waterworks Authority and Metropolitan Waterworks, including management feed system work to decrease waste water in feed system, working with Thai Danwater Co., Ltd (one of our subsidiary) which has been jointed between Ms. Chinda Hongkajorn and Badscard Consult Co., Ltd.


In 2016, our company has expanded our business in field of Transmission Line by having entered EPC Bid to supply and construction of Transmission System Expansion Project of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). Significantly, our target customers are Government and State Enterprise Sector for instance; Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Provincial Waterworks Authority, Department of Groundwater Resources, and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. These kinds of construction need specific careers and strict safety measure, thus, only professional and efficient contractors with good quality and necessarily required.


With our strong intention and ongoing capacity improvement together with concept to increase value by modern technologies, high competent personnel and having superb alliances/parties corporate both in Thailand and oversea countries. We can say that we are one of the leader in business of water system and irrigation in Thailand. Hydro Engineering Co., Ltd. plans to cancel registration of Hydro Hitech Co., Ltd. in the near future, all businesses will be executed under Hydro Engineering Co., Ltd. only.

Work Philosophies

Company and our subsidiary realize the 5 important things of good corporate governance as follows:


Integrity and Fairness


Responsibility and Accountability

Best Practices for Creation of Long-term Value

Join us to create the sustainable value and stability